Sunglasses in the Dark
Opening: 2021.03.06, 16:00 - 19:00
Duration: 2021.03.06 - 2021.04.05
Artist´╝ÜGao Yingpu
Gene Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of artist Gao Yingpu's solo exhibition Sunglasses in the Dark on March 6.

Gao Yingpu's works reflect the highly landscaped and symbolized social routine in contemporary urban life. In this process, the fluidity of identity and the uncertainty of relationship become eternal exploration themes.
When constructing the narrative structure of a painting, artists often take highly symbolic and personal objects as visual elements. The arrangement and combination of different objects reflect the identity desires of users and owners. Electronic watch, manicure, Marlboro, Zhongnanhai, Snickers... The shapes of these specific objects in Goup's works often exhibit the characteristics of advertising paintings: bright colors, prominent parts, and, when necessary, a few guiding text slogans, suggesting the taste and spiritual portrait of the petty-bourgeoisie: bright on the outside, but empty on the inside. The use of ordinary objects, on the one hand, is to arouse the resonance of the audience, and on the other hand, such viewing will also produce a subtle cognitive gap due to the close-up perspective adopted by the artist. Enlarged parts of the face and object are both strongly suggestive of a certain presence, but also because some minor differences suggest the fictionality of the depicted object.

The revelry is never in the day, because the night gives immunity to unrest and restlessness, and allows the latter to continue to tug at the heartstrings like a virus. In the dark background, the urban beauties decorated with flowers, watches and luxury goods have a look of cynical detachment on their faces, and an ambiguous invitation: come into the intoxicated night, but don't indulge too much.

Gao Yingpu,Born in Jilin in 1993, he was admitted to the China Academy of Art in 2012 and entered the "Multidimensional Presentation Studio" of the Oil Painting Department of the China Academy of Plastic Painting in 2013. He graduated from the China Academy of Art in 2016 and lived in the "COMUS Mansion" in Shanghai from 2016 to 2017.