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Room 312, No. 200,Middle Sichuan Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China



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Established in 2018 in Shanghai, China, Gene Gallery devotes to promote artists whose artistic productions are pivotal in the development of Asian art history, elevate their influence internationally, and ultimately contribute to the reconstruction of an artistic expression that embodies the cultural context and narrative of Asia. Through tracing the unique style of contemporary Asian art, Gene Gallery will continuously discover art that encompasses the spirits and characters of the East as well as their values in the global art market, striving to present the diverse, multi-dimensional landscape of contemporary Asian art. Gene Gallery is currently representing and working with contemporary Chinese and Japanese artists, including Hamada Kiyoshi, Chen Liang, Feng Zhixuan, Gao Yingpu, Guo Yage, Yoshio Sekine, Han Xiuzhi, Wang Shiwen, Liu Lu, Li Tingwei, Lei Tong, Liu Yixuan, Liu Lu, Ran Kai, Akiko Ueda, Ma Kelu, Isao Sugiyama, Shin Masaharu, Wang Kaifan, Yu Hang, Zhang Haoyan, Zhou Xinyu and many more.